Femtophaco vs manual cataract

With a femtosecond laser it is possible to automate several of the key steps in cataract and refractive lens exchange. The laser can make the incisions, create a perfectly centred opening in the bag that holds the natural lens and then begin to soften the cataract or lens, within the bag making it easier to remove it. The laser procedure takes place in a separate room to the operating theatre. The process takes about 5 minutes and is done with the patient lying down.

Multifocal vs Monovision Lens Trial

Mark Wilkins was principal investigator for this trial at Moorfields Eye Hospital and King’s College Hospital, which looked at the outcomes of patients having cataract surgery on the NHS. The patients either received standard monofocal lenses with the powers adjusted to give them monovision or had multifocal lenses implanted. Levels of satisfaction in both groups of patients were equally high but the patients who received the multifocal lenses were much less likely to report needing glasses (71%) compared to the monovision group (26%).